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PRO Surfing Company Gran Canaria
Surfing Schools and camps in Gran Canaria, Canary Islands.
Av. de Moya no˚6 Playa Del Ingles, C.C Eurocenter loc 80

Tel: +34 628 104 025
Tel: +34 663 821 090
Tel: +34 928 769 719
E-mail: info@prsurfing.com

Opened daily from 09.00 am till 21.00 pm

Our kitesurf office & kitesurf shop

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ey People!
If you hit this website to find a good surfing school you may stop now.
This is the GREAT one!
It may sound like and advertisement but this is how I want to thank you for my very first step at surfing:-).
It was AWESOME! Muchas Gracias Paul ;-) Magda, Scotland.

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