Kiteboarding in Gran Canaria

Kiteboarding in Gran Canaria

Kiteboarding in gran canaria
Kiteboarding in Gran Canaria requires no special physical conditions and our school learning systems will quickly develop your progress in this exciting activity that combines the best of surfing, windsurfing and waveboarding.

These are the basics you will learn in our Kitesurf School:

Safety and prevention Theory and practice of flight and control techniques Safety and prevention in the water Relaunch : how to lift the kite from the water Travel: a full experience of the power of the kite in the water and how it influences your movements Beginning in the water : roll control, position, movement, speed in the table and with the kite to feel safe in the water Kitesurfing Gran Canaria offers you quality materials : Cabrinha kites, Sefon Takoon and tables from last season (helmet, radio control harness, vest, wetsuit... ) as well as jet skiing and Zodiac. We also offer you kiteboarding courses in Gran Canaria:

Basic course: Over two days of training you will acquire the most important objectives and knowledge to get started in this exciting sport : security protocol, control the kite in and out of the water and the basic technique essential for kitesurfing : bodydrag (a technique to train to drive the comet once you are in the water, but without a board). Bodydrag is essential for beginners as it is very common to lose the board for them. The learning progress will be marked by a single element : your skill. Of course, you will acquire the knowledge necessary for risk prevention and safety. Intermediate course : improvement and technique The intermediate level is for those who have already made a first approach to kitesurf and want to continue to deepen and improve their skills. Preconditions : knowing relaunch the kite from the water, having completed all the exercises of land, managing and meeting bodydrag technical control of the kite. The goal: navigation in the three directions and performing the first maneuvers. Advanced course: Designed for kiters who have already enjoyed their first navigated, have (or not) their own material and perform their WaterStar. The contents of the advanced level work on various technical aspects as body position, edging control with table, start to return to the site, and debugging technique and control of major maneuvers and jumps.

You will probably hear that people don’t need lessons to learn kitesurfing. This could be truth but it depends on the way you want to practice and the time you have for it. Not to metion that it is risky to practice Kiteboarding in Gran Canaria or in any other place if you don’t know winds and tides.

If you want to learn all the tricks and tips to make all styles and jumps, you need a coach. If you want to make the best ride, you need a kite school.

In addition to this, kiteboarding in Gran Canaria will become much easier for you once you have finished one of our courses. Let’s try with us!

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