Kitesurf school in Gran Canaria

Kitesurf school in Gran Canaria

Kitesurf schools in gran canaria
Gran Canaria is internationally renowned for its kitesurfing spots. “Alisios” winds, that blow most of the year on the island, are to blame for the nice weather we have for almost the twelve months of the year.

The water temperature in summer is between 22 and 24 degrees, and in winter does not fall below 19. Thus, the average annual temperature is 20 degrees. There is no other destination on the continent that can offer better conditions for kitesurfing in waves, with this quality winds.

When you go to a kitesurf school to learn this sport, having practiced other sports like windsurfing, wakeboarding and water skiing can make your learn more quicly. In our school you will find everything you need to learn and practice kitesurfing.

Still, if you have no experience in sports related, you can learn kitesurfing in relatively short time.

The first thing you can do is to get up on the board in your first waterstarts. This will be very important for your ability to flow with the kite and not to resist it. You should put your whole machine at full steam to improvise and concentrate, flowing all the time with the kite and the sea.

In your first experiences with the kite, not trying to understand or memorize anything will be the determining factor, as this will prevent you to follow your kite.

A day of kite can be an amazing experience in our kitesurf school, to be remembered for a long time. And to give you an unforgettable day, safety is very important. Providing kitesurf courses is not a summer job that anyone can do.

Experienced instructors as we are will be crucial while the kite is risky. It is important that you learn in a kitesurf school where teachers are properly trained, have extensive experience and control your learning all the time. Because when you don’t have this in mind, what would be a great day can turn into a sad memory.

That’s the reason our kitesurf school promotes the philosophy of respect for the sea and generating awareness about the safety of caring practicing our favorite sport.

Enjoy the sea with mindfulness!

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