Kitesurf seasonal winds in Gran Canaria

KiteSurf seasonal winds in Gran Canaria

KiteSurf seasonal winds in gran canaria
Kitesurf lovers in Gran Canaria always say that it is a perfect place to practice this watersport. Before a kiteboarding day it is important knowing about the wind intensity and direction. You will find any information you need about the weather and wind at the different kitesurfing spots every day in our school.

To measure the intensity of wind speed measurements are used, the unit used for this measurement is the knot (kt), but varies in different parts of the world, where there are also used meters per second (m / s), kilometers per hour (km / h) and miles per hour (1 knot = 1.8 km / h; 1 knot = 0.5 m / s)

Respecting the seasonal winds, there are some tips you may consider:

From May to September there is tradewind. It blows 25-40 knots every day and it is N-NE.

Although the trade winds are dominant in Gran Canaria, the seasonal variation of the Azores anticyclone allows the arrival of polar air masses, and the proximity to the African continent, at the height of the Sahara, allows the arrival of continental tropical air mass and dry warm

In the summer the best scenes for kitesurfing are Vargas and Pozo Izquierdo, and also the beaches located up north.

Playa de Vargas is the most visited in the summer by wind and kitesurfers, looking for downwind areas.

All the beaches up north are combined with the high wind and they have rock or pebble. This means a very poor combination for a beginner category. Small kites are also required.

In the winter (October to April) the seasonal winds are different. You will have the possibility of sailing the sandy southern beaches. The E wind will make shore and Punta de Maspalomas will be perfect.

Playa de las Burras will be a possible kitesurfing spot in winter too, very near Playa del Ingl├ęs. If you are planning to visit us in winter, this is probably the best place to train. You can also do freeride and freestyle.

The Canaries are pre-eminently the domain of the trade winds from the eastern flank of the anticyclone of the Azores.

These winds are very consistent and have a regular speed of 20 to 22 km / h and a component that varies between the east and northeast.

These winds blow almost continuously. The most interesting feature of these seasonal winds is their stratification into two layers: a low and high, wet and dry. Lots of kitesurfers love waving under them.

We will regard the best seasonal winds for kitesurfing. Come with us and get ready to have a the best sail!

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