Kitesurf Spots in Gran Canaria

KiteSurf Spots in Gran Canaria

kitesurf spots in gran canaria
The sensational settings through the Canary Islands give you endless opportunities to practice kitesurfing. The coastline of Gran Canaria is full of a variety of kitesurf spots where you will be able to practice this amazing sport.

The south and southeast coast of the island has as much kitesurf spots as you can dream. The wind blows most time of the year in this particular island, a magical place for water sports.

Even if you are a beginner, you will find different choices for you to learn, as the diverse reefs and beaches all over the coastline have not the same strengh in wind.

Specifically the southeast and south of the island is ideal for sports and kite sailing, thanks to the wind that allows you to cross the waves at any time of the year. The wind of Gran Canaria will be your best ally to glide through the sea.

In Gran Canaria you will find kitesurf spots as Vargas, Pozo Izquierdo, Salinetas, ... and the most extended variety of beaches that you could ever imagine. All of them in one island, a "little continent" as it is named, where the climate is the best for watersports. An island where each season brings more crazy people about kiteboarding.

There are lots of places to surf; you will discover kitesurf spots all over the coastline, even in white or volcanic sand beaches, remote areas that people have not discovered yet.

You can learn and get started with us, and also practice kitesurfing if you have already done or you are an expert. Kitesurf spots are ready at any time all over the year. The climate here offers 365 days of sunshine and an annual water temperature ranging 18 and 23 ° C ( 64.4 and 73.4 º F ).

But not only good weather and good winds on the island, if you want to know the places where one can see the best kiters, Gran Canaria is your place. We guarantee you unparalleled adrenaline rush and feelings of pleasure live under the spell of speed through the waves.

Wonderful beaches are waiting for you, don't miss them. Come to Gran Canaria and see our services. The wind is ready for you!

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