KiteSurfing in Gran Canaria

 KiteSurfing in Gran Canaria

KiteSurfing in Gran Canaria
The Canary Islands are one of the best kitesurf and surf scenes in Spain, some of them are world renowned due to the different shows to celebrate the World Cup and other International Competitions.

Pozo Izquierdo is not only the European Capital City for Windsurfing, but also the most famous spot to practice kitesurfing on Gran Canaria’s coast.

Kitesurfing is a sport that despite its short history has evolved by leaps and spread rapidly due to its spectacular possibilities.

Gran Canaria is a peculiar island, where beaches can be composed by golden, white or volcanic sand, some of them including rocks and pebbles.

But, what has Gran Canaria got to be one of the best places in Europe for watersports?

The answer is simple: wind, beaches and good weather. That’s all you need to practice this kind of sports. Concerning to the wind, there are very few spots in the world offering the conditions that Pozo Izquierdo or Vargas can give, in the south-east coast of the island.
Kitesurfing on Gran Canaria is a good chance not only for advanced kiters but for beginners too. Our store offers you quality materials to rent equipment, kitecamps to share experiences and feel like home among friends and instructors who will guide you in your learning.

To begin in the kitesurfing is not required a special physical form. Instead, it is essential to know its basic principles as bodydrag.

Bodydrag is a technique that involves traveling on water propelled by the kite but without using table. Not only will serve to identify and measure the displacement power, technology is an important life insurance that allows return to shore if you lose the table during a maneuver Kitesurfing is not is a extremely dangerous activity, but due to the wind force and tides that we play practicing, learning should never be independent. And please never go alone kiteboarding.

In our school you can learn all levels to practice this sport securely and share your experience with others in kiteboarding camp. In addition, we looked for the best wind and wave conditions every day.

It is a risky sport and you need minimum safety rules, rescue methods, what to do in case of damaged material, falling kite, etc.

Before attending our advanced lessons, it is required to know how to re-launch the kite from the water, some self rescue techniques, to have the brake controlled, and autonomy to take the kite and the board, on and off the water.

In our school for kitesurfing on Gran Canaria, the ultimate goal is to make the participant have enough level, technique and control to improve maneuvers and jumps. You can book lessons and kitecamp even if you are intermediate or beginner, but once you learn with us, you’ll know everything you need to become an advanced.

Join us and you will love kitesurfing on Gran Canaria. Be sure that you’ll have your adrenaline pumping!

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