Rent kitesurf equipment in Gran Canaria

Rent kitesurf equipment in Gran Canaria

Rent kitesurf equipment in gran canaria
The basic material for kitesurfing consists of a kite, a board, a harness and wetsuit. It is also advisable to wear a helmet and life jacket.

Our store contains everything you need for kitesurfing, we guarantee the best material. Come to Kitesurfing Gran Canaria to rent equipment, we will offer you the best!

First of all, ask your instructor: One advantage of our school is that you can get advice in your first purchase and may be a mid-level material will be enough, that way you will prevent the material to not to limit your progress in the future. We also save your kite phase that punishes more: initiation.

New or second hand ? There is no single answer that question. Obviously second hand kitesurfing equipment will make your pocket "happier". You only must consider two things:

The material suits your needs.

The material is in good condition.

Another element to consider to rent equipment is that if you are enjoying the sport you will end up buying several kites and boards for different wind strengths. Ask us for a different opinion and we will advice you what is best.

Different types of kites:

Inflatable Kites : These are the most used and known. They feature an inflatable structure which gives them consistency and allowing them to float to hit the water.

Kites type bow or flat : these are more accessible and comfortable. They have a capacity of power reduction, giving them greater versatility. They can be used with wider wind range and have excellent safety level.

Hybrid kites

They consist of soft kites inspirated by traditionals. Although they have a more aerodynamic profile, they are not as stable as structurally inflatables. They accept leewards instantly.

Our kitesurf school also offers different types of kiteboards. You will borrow one or the other depending on the type of navigation you want to make or your level. Ask your instructor to lend you the most suitable board for you, regarding the wind conditions and sea state.

If you are a beginner, the best for you is to borrow bidirectional boards. They will allow you to navigate in both directions without changing the position of the feet in the footstraps. Try these and tell us your experience!

Directional Tables: The original tables. Surfboards with foot straps to fix your feets. Over time they have evolved to the current models. They are characterized by having differentiated the front

(bow) and the rear (stern). Each time you make a turn you need to change your feet in the footstraps.

These are the best if you are looking for the best way to rent equipment to sail with waves.

You will also find other kiteboards, ask us for advice to know which is the best board for you: Boards without footstraps, speed boards , charts cruise, wakeboards ...

There are no limits for us! Just ask and you'll get the best for your kitesurfing!

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