Where to Kitesurf in Gran Canaria

Where to Kitesurf in Gran Canaria

Kiteboarding in gran canaria
Do you know where to kitesurf in Gran Canaria? On Kitesurfing Gran Canaria you will find the best spots.

If you are planning come for kitesurfing in Gran Canaria you can enjoy a wide variety of beaches to practice your favorite sport. Each beach offers something different:

Media Luna (Playa de Jinamar), located between Telde and Las Palmas de Gran Canaria (NE). A spot with big waves and currents, wind NW (lefts) side – on shore. Best season for kitesurfing: winter (October – March).

To navigate this beach is better when the tide is empty, try not to sail too far from the coast and always stay in the safe leeward navigation. This beach is perfect for experienced kiters with quality material that we will provide you.

Ojos de Garza, next to the airport, NE coast of the island.

A wave spot, perfect for jumping, wind N-NE (lefts) side - on. Best season for kitesurfing: summer (April - September).

Strong currents for high level kitesurfers.

Playa del Burrero, located in Carrizal, east coast of Gran Canaria.

Freeride spot, wind N-NE (lefts). S-SW (rights). Best season for kitesurfing: summer (May – September).

This spot is perfect for all level surfers, due to the middle currents.

Playa de Vargas. This spot faces NE middle and SW soft currents, a pebble beach nice to practice Freestyle and Freeride.

Wind N-NE and SW, better to sail with low tide.

The best season to kitesurf in Playa de Vargas is summer (May-September), with strong wind. Recommended to high level kiters too.

Bahía de Formas is a wide beach formed by sand and pebbles. This spot is perfect for beginners, slalom and freestyle.

Best season: summer (May-September)

Wind N-NE (lefts) side off / SSO (rights) onshore

It is located in the east coast of Gran Canaria, near Pozo Izquierdo beach.

Playa de Pozo Izquierdo

This is one of the best known wave spots in the world, located on the SE coast of the island, in Vecindario. If you are looking where to kitesurf to become a high level, you are in the best place.

Best season to practice kitesurfing: summer (May-September)

Wind N-NE (middle and strong currents) and SW (soft currents).

Playa del Aguila

Easy spot for middle levels. Slalom and freestyle. Located in Bahía Feliz, near San Agustin, on the SE coast of the island.

Wind S-SW (rights) side and E-NE onshore

This is an ideal spot for low-middle kiters.

Playa de las Burras

This is a well known beach to learn kitesurfing. You can also do freeride and freestyle.

Wind: E-NE side – onshore

Punta de Maspalomas

Located near Faro de Maspalomas, in the south of Gran Canaria, this is the point of the island where E and W winds accelerate most.

Wave spot (rights), freeride, freestyle.

Wind E (lefts) side shore, W (rights) side shore Perfect spot for middle level kiters, with a strong side current.

Easter is a good time to kitesurf in Punta de Maspalomas. The weather is hot and it is quite windy.

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